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Dec 26, 2016

Use this audio walking tour to explore the historic cemetery in Deerfield Illinois. Narrator Dylan Zavagno will introduce the tour and guide you to the graves and librarians Ted Gray and Anne Jamieson will detail the lives of those buried there. Along the way we’ll learn about early settlers, German immigrant families, abolitionists and veterans. We’ll get to know PTA and church members, famous local names, and a local historian, Marie Ward Reichelt. The cemetery is located on Waukegan Rd. at the corner of Central Ave..

A .pdf map of the tour can be found here:

A detailed guide, with map, pictures of graves, and written histories here:

And more info on this and our Veteran's Day cemetery can be found here:

The Deerfield Cemetery Commission's website (where you can electronically search the cemetery) is here:

Additional information can be found at the Deerfield Area Historical Society: or explore our local history collection at the library:

Allow approximately one (1) hour to complete the tour, and please remember to observe the following guidelines:

  • The cemetery closes at sundown, so please plan accordingly and make sure if you start the tour in the evening, you have enough time to complete it.
  • Do not take the tour at night.
  • Watch your step, the ground may be uneven. There are gravestones flush with the ground, so please be careful where you walk.
  • Do not lean on the gravestones, touch the gravestones, or attempt to clean the gravestones.
  • Be respectful – the persons buried in the cemetery do have living relatives who visit their graves.

Produced by the Deerfield Public Library. Special thanks to the Deerfield Cemetery Commission, The Deerfield Area Historical Society and pianist Daniel Baer.